Mollificio Adda  belongs to the group of small and medium enterprises that feature the Italian business.

The company was born in the Seventies (1970), has been devoted to production of precision springs, developing and consolidating its experience in this field during the eighties and nineties, continuing to expand the range of machinery and equipment and establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel wire springs for aerosol valves, pumps sprayer and dispenser for utilization in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries, both national and international area as well (England, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Spain and Switzerland)

The continued understanding of timing and customer needs, always with innovative and proactive purposes, distinguished in these four decades, the business mind of Mollificio ADDA, who is now preparing to enter the fifth decade.

The understanding of the proper operation and company's success is achieved through a management based on continuous improvement of performance and satisfaction of expectations and demands of the customers, that are the first targets.

Total area: 10,000 square meters.  5,000 square meters covered